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Deep-Fry Fridays: Beer-Battered Zucchini Sticks Recipe

I think I’m going to have to retire Deep-Fry Fridays. Not because these zucchini sticks were horrible – they were quite good – but because I’m so over deep-frying, especially in the summer.

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Leftover Fridays: Baked Seafood Dynamite Recipe

Note: I’m trying out a new Leftover Fridays format where I make a dish by request that week. If you have a suggestion for what you’d like to see me make next Friday, comment below or send me an email!

Someone wrote in asking me if I had a recipe for Dynamite that I was willing to share. Now, my recipes are never secret, I love to share! Thing is – I’ve never heard of this dish! A little Googling did not lead me any closer to an answer; dynamite seemed to refer to a spicy sauce, but I got the feeling that’s not what the request was for. Intrigued, I emailed her back and discovered that in Denver, dynamite is baked seafood in a special spicy sauce made with kewpie mayonnaise.

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