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Thai Noodle Salad Recipe

My family’s barbecues tend to be a mash-up of foods. There’s no cohesiveness and usually no one bothers to ask if this dish complements that dish. Our most recent barbecue saw the table covered with chicken wings, turkey sausage, lamb, papaya salad, potato salad, noodle salad and of course, rice. My dad doesn’t think a meal is a meal if it doesn’t include rice. Rice is a staple, hot dogs and burgers are not.

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Caramelized Shrimp Salad Roll Recipe

Summertime is perfect for those long lazy meals spent lingering at the table, wanting to eat one more bite, but fearing that you’ll burst if you do. Salad rolls are the best summer meal for this, just because you’re eating at your own pace and rolling your own rolls. There isn’t much prep work, just a few minutes at the stove and a couple more washing and rinsing vegetables and you’re good to go.

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Deep-Fry Fridays: Firecraker Shrimp Recipe

I love deep-fried shrimp so when I find a new recipe for deep-fried shrimp I get pretty excited. Steamy Kitchen’s firecracker shrimp are all the good things about deep-fried shrimp: sweet, succulent shrimp, crunchy outsides, handheld and dipp-able.

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Momofuku Shrimp Spring Roll Recipe

Note: I refer to “spring rolls” as salad rolls.

I’ve rolled (and eaten!) a lot of salad rolls in my life. There’s definitely a technique to it and the more you roll, the better you get. I love eating salad rolls, mostly because I find the do-it-yourselfness of it completely satisfying. You can customize your roll whatever way you want and really, even if you’re not a very good roller, it doesn’t matter because you’re the one who’s going to eat it!

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Meat Glue Week: Shrimp Noodles

I love noodles, I always have and I always will. But there was one time in my life when I renounced not only noodles but all Chinese food. I was four and for my day care lunch my mom had packed me my favourite: pan-fried Shanghai noodles. At lunch time I was super-excited to dig in, but just when I was lifting the fork to my mouth I heard a loud chorus of “ewws.” I turned to look what everyone was “eww-ing” about, but then I realized, it was me. “Stephanie’s eating worms!” came the chant and I soon lost my appetite. That afternoon, in the car on the way home I told my mom I never wanted to eat noodles or even Chinese food ever again. From then on it was going to be sandwiches or nothing.

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