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Green Onion Oil Devilled Egg Recipe

In Momofuku, Chang mentions that his Scallion Oil is one of Momofuku’s mother sauces. He basically says you can’t live without it and I tend to agree. Scallion oil, or green onion oil, as I like to call it, is a delicious, delicious sauce. While I tend to like my recipe better than his, I’ll definitely back up his claim about never going hungry with green onion oil in your fridge.

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Soy Braised Turkey with Rice Recipe

After my initial discovery of all-season turkey, I started to have an immense craving for a Thanksgiving style dinner with all the fixings. I thought buying a whole turkey would be a little extreme, even for me, but when I saw a pair of drumsticks, into my shopping basket they went. I was planning on roasting them, but then I remembered a recipe I found online, tucked away, just waiting for a turkey day.

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