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Crispy Rice Pizza Recipe

Sometimes leftovers are the best part of a good meal – you can go to sleep happy, knowing that something delicious awaits you the next day. Some leftovers are more versatile than others, but generally, the minimal amount of effort you need to put in to make something new is amazing.

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Soy Braised Turkey with Rice Recipe

After my initial discovery of all-season turkey, I started to have an immense craving for a Thanksgiving style dinner with all the fixings. I thought buying a whole turkey would be a little extreme, even for me, but when I saw a pair of drumsticks, into my shopping basket they went. I was planning on roasting them, but then I remembered a recipe I found online, tucked away, just waiting for a turkey day.

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XO Fried Rice Recipe

When you’re feeling peckish and your have old rice in the fridge, fried rice is the way to go. It’s fast to make and even faster to eat. If you’re lacking fresh ingredients, just take a look at what leftovers you have languishing away. I’ve made fried rice with leftover barbecue meat, deli meat leftovers, and even just eggs and rice.

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Spam Musubi Recipe

The last couple of days around here haven’t been pretty. I’ve come down with a cold, or a mild flu, I’m not too sure which. My taste buds are off and I’m so much more careless in the kitchen when I’m sick, which means I’m going to take a little break from following Chang’s detailed multi-day recipes. Instead, I’m going to post some simple home-style meals Mike and I enjoy.

I’ve never been one of those sick people who like to languish around, dying. Ok, no, I do do that. But I’m certainly not one of those people who don’t want to eat when I’m sick. No, I’m of the belief that if you’re sick, you need to eat to get better!

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Ramen Rice

I used to eat rice plain when I was a kid. Straight-up, white jasmine rice with no salt, no soy, nothing. I was one of those super-picky eaters and plain rice was my dinner most nights, which exasperated my mom to no end. When I was feeling adventererous, I’d pour whatever Chinese soup we were having over the rice and eat soupy rice.

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