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Kimchi Stew

napa cabbage and daikon kimchi

Many of the recipes in the Momofuku cookbook have recipes within recipes and the Kimchi Stew is no exception. I’m not complaining, I think it’s actually kind of fun to fit all the pieces together. Putting the pieces of the Kimchi Stew together is fast, if you have all the right ingredients on hand.

rice cakes, roasted onions, roasted pork shoulder, kimchi, green onions, carrots

This stew is like no other stew. The ingredients are pre-cooked and there isn’t an absurd multi-hour stewing process. You do simmer for a while for the flavours to meld together, but by no means do you stew.

simmering stew

I was a little worried because I’m not the biggest kimchi fan, but this stew converted me. It doesn’t have an overwhelming kimchi flavour, due to the mirin. The mirin tempered the sourness of the kimchi and the resulting flavour was sweet and slow-burn spicy.

mmm, rice cakes

The texture of the quickly stewed kimchi was perfect: the napa cabbage and daikon had that pickled kimchi flavour and were melty and yielding. The smokiness of the soft pulled pork was contrasted with the crunchy green onions and carrot garnish. The rice cakes were gelatinous goodness.

so nice we took the photo twice!

This is a stew you want to eat with rice. It’s hearty and filling on its own, but it’s even better with rice. Sometimes you just need that plain accompaniment to compliment the flavours even more. There’s something so comforting about a savoury dish with plain. sticky, short-grain rice. It’s a cozy, warming, feel-good meal. I’m definitely making it again.

i heart kimchi stew

Kimchi, I was wrong about you, I’m so glad you’re in my life.

Momofuku Ramen

momofuku ramen, complete!

Ok, I’ll admit, making Momofuku Ramen didn’t take weeks, or days. It really only took one day. I started just before noon and we were sitting down to steaming bowls of noodles by midnight. We had some hunger-staving snacks in between. Don’t make these noodles if you’re hungry, in a hurry, or expecting to eat anytime soon. They are a time investment, but it’s a sure thing.

momofuku ramen for 2 without broth

One thing I didn’t make were the actual ramen noodles. Next time I’ll add 2 hours to the schedule and give them a whirl. I was really impressed with the fresh ramen noodles that I bought at T&T. I was a little skeptical, but they were chewy with a great bite.

ramen ingredients

I was also concerned with the bamboo shoots. First of all, we bought the wrong kind. The recipe calls for sliced shoots, but we bought strips. Second, Mike and I don’t actually like bamboo shoots. I find their flavour off-putting, or at least I used to. Maybe it had something to do with the shoots being strips instead of slices or maybe its because of Chang’s recipe for cooking them, but the bamboo was an awesome addition to the ramen. It added textural contrast with a subtle crunch.

ramen mise-en-place

Once you have all your components in place, putting together the ramen bowl is super easy. Noodles, broth, pork belly, pork shoulder, nori, green onions, fish cake, bamboo shoots, poached egg, done! The verdict? Maybe it was the anticipation, but these noodles were good. Really, really good. The broth was deep and flavourful, the meats tasty and the egg rich and creamy. My stomach did the happy dance.