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Shaved Foie Gras, Lychee & Pine Nut Brittle

The shaved foie is the one dish that you can expect when eating at Ko. Everybody talks about it and Chang himself thinks it’s the dish “we’ll never be able to take off the menu.” The ice cold delicate flakes of foie are reminiscent of shaved ice: a giant fluffy pile of deliciousness that melts the instant it hits your mouth.

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Pine Nut Brittle

Pine nuts have been around since forever, but I really only started eating them about 5 years ago. My mom, who becomes obsessed with food fads, heard from someone at her workplace that pine nuts were the next super wonder food. Next thing you know, we had a 5 kg bag of pine nuts sitting in the pantry and pine nuts were appearing in everything.

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Fresh Basil Pesto Recipe

I love basil, pine nuts and cheese, so it’s only logical that I like pesto. What isn’t logical is how long it took me to finally make my own pesto at home. Pesto is quick, easy and tastes fantastic on almost anything.

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