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Spicy Popcorn Shrimp with Kimchi Mayonnaise Recipe

A while back there was a Dairy Queen commercial where a Dad shrimp is snacking on popcorn when his wife comes home and informs him that he’s eating popcorn shrimp, not popcorn. A couple of seconds later, the shrimp couple look at each other in horror and scream, “Where are the children?”

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Napa Cabbage and Daikon Kimchi

20 whole cloves of garlic!

Let it be known that there is a lot of minced garlic and ginger in kimchi. I like doing things the hard way so I minced everything by hand. A food processor would be perfect for this, but having garlicky smelling hands for the rest of the night was so much more appealing! Feel free to use a food processor when making kimchi. A mandolin would help too, for the julienned carrots.

mincing ginger

If you don’t want your fridge to smell like kimchi, make sure you use some nice airtight containers. I used some glass jars from Ikea. I am happy to report that the fridge doesn’t smell like kimchi, but if you do have left over minced garlic, wrap it up in an airtight container as well or your fridge will smell like garlic. Which is what happened to me, naturally.

green onions in kochukaru, fish sauce, and usukuchi

Once your massive mounds of garlic and ginger all minced up, mix all the ingredients into a super-red spicy slurry and toss with the napa cabbage and daikon you had overnight in the fridge. Give the vegetables a quick rinse before you combine them with the kimchi slurry.

napa cabbage kimchi!

Don’t forget to add your salted shrimp! The salted shrimp helps start the fermentation process. Somehow I forgot to mix it in and I had to re-toss and re-jar.

daikon kimchi!

I had a quick taste and was pleasantly surprised. Spicy, but not in-your-face spicy, with a very fresh flavour. We’ll see how long the freshness lasts before the fermentation kicks in.


Shopping at H-Mart for kimchi ingredients

H-Mart is a Korean American grocery store, America’s T&T Supermarket if you will, but Korean instead of Chinese. They have aisles and aisles of instant ramyun, seaweed, kimchi and Korean snack foods.

I figured I would be able to find most of my ingredients pretty easily, except for the kochukaru and jarred salted shrimp. H-Mart had a entire section devoted to packages and packages of red pepper powder, but none with a “kochukaru” label. Since there wasn’t any other chili powder in the store, I went with the red pepper powder, coarse ground.

kochukaru, korean chili or red pepper powder

The jarred salted shrimp was marginally easier to find. I thought it would be in the can/jar section, but it was actually refrigerated. It was labeled “salt prawn” and was in what looked like a peanut butter jar. Good enough for me!

jarred salted shrim/salted prawn

Good enough for the friendly Korean cashier as well. I asked her what the Korean name for the red pepper powder was. “Kochukaru. You’re making kimchi?” she asked. Before I could answer, she scanned the jar of salt prawn and laughed, “yes, this goes in kimchi!”

produce booty

So, looks like Momofuku kimchi will have some authentic Korean ingredients! I better get started, it needs to ferment for 2 weeks for optimal kimchi-ness.