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Frozen Foie Gras Torchon

Are you ever weirded out by people who rant about how they hate liver and in the next breath profess their love for pate and foie? I had an ex-boyfriend who used to do just that. He hated liver so much that he wouldn’t touch anything that even had a hint of it. My mom, who makes an awesome stuffing with all the extra-yummy turkey bits, had to leave it out those years that I was with him. The crazy thing was, he would always insist on ordering foie at restaurants. It’s like he didn’t know foie was liver.

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Fried Apple Pie

I like apple pie—especially fresh baked with ice cream—but if asked to prioritize all the desserts in the world, apple pie would pretty far down on my list of favourites. I was hoping Momofuku’s apple pie would be transcendental, but it was just a fried apple pie. A good fried apple pie, but apple pie nonetheless.

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Rice with Miso Soup

Chang’s rice with miso soup is simple and satisfying, if, in his own words, “maybe a little boring.” I’m not really too much a fan of miso soup, but Chang’s has a deep mushroom flavour with just a hint of earthy whole grain barley miso.

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Roasted Scallop with Kohlrabi Puree and Pickled Chanterelles

I’m just getting back into cooking from Momofuku and I’m finding that the tiny dishes from Ko are perfect for hot summer days where I don’t want to eat anything at all.

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Praline Paste for Cereal Milk Panna Cotta

“Cereal Milk” has been trademarked by the Momofuku empire, and if you’ve tasted it, it’s easy to know why. The soft serve is mild, milky nostalgia in a frozen treat. I don’t have a soft serve machine, but if I did, I would definitely try to recreate it at home.

Most people can’t make soft serve at home, but Momofuku does have a recipe for cereal milk panna cotta with avocado puree, chocolate-hazelnut thing and caramelized cornflakes. As with a lot of Chang and Tosi dishes, the recipe is long and involved.

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