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Shopping at H-Mart for kimchi ingredients

H-Mart is a Korean American grocery store, America’s T&T Supermarket if you will, but Korean instead of Chinese. They have aisles and aisles of instant ramyun, seaweed, kimchi and Korean snack foods.

I figured I would be able to find most of my ingredients pretty easily, except for the kochukaru and jarred salted shrimp. H-Mart had a entire section devoted to packages and packages of red pepper powder, but none with a “kochukaru” label. Since there wasn’t any other chili powder in the store, I went with the red pepper powder, coarse ground.

kochukaru, korean chili or red pepper powder

The jarred salted shrimp was marginally easier to find. I thought it would be in the can/jar section, but it was actually refrigerated. It was labeled “salt prawn” and was in what looked like a peanut butter jar. Good enough for me!

jarred salted shrim/salted prawn

Good enough for the friendly Korean cashier as well. I asked her what the Korean name for the red pepper powder was. “Kochukaru. You’re making kimchi?” she asked. Before I could answer, she scanned the jar of salt prawn and laughed, “yes, this goes in kimchi!”

produce booty

So, looks like Momofuku kimchi will have some authentic Korean ingredients! I better get started, it needs to ferment for 2 weeks for optimal kimchi-ness.

Planning for kimchi stew

After the Ramen Spectacular I had a lot of broth and pork shoulder leftover. It was obvious: time for kimchi stew! Of course to make kimchi stew you need to make kimchi. No worries. I can do that. First things first, shopping for ingredients.

Shopping List:
-green onions
-napa cabbage
-sliced rice cakes
-kochukaru, a Korean chili powder
-jarred salted shrimp

As diverse as T&T’s Asian aisles are, I don’t think I’ll find the kochukaru or jarred salted shrimp there. Next plan of attack: Korean Supermarket H-Mart!