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Shaved Foie Gras, Lychee & Pine Nut Brittle

The shaved foie is the one dish that you can expect when eating at Ko. Everybody talks about it and Chang himself thinks it’s the dish “we’ll never be able to take off the menu.” The ice cold delicate flakes of foie are reminiscent of shaved ice: a giant fluffy pile of deliciousness that melts the instant it hits your mouth.

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Frozen Foie Gras Torchon

Are you ever weirded out by people who rant about how they hate liver and in the next breath profess their love for pate and foie? I had an ex-boyfriend who used to do just that. He hated liver so much that he wouldn’t touch anything that even had a hint of it. My mom, who makes an awesome stuffing with all the extra-yummy turkey bits, had to leave it out those years that I was with him. The crazy thing was, he would always insist on ordering foie at restaurants. It’s like he didn’t know foie was liver.

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