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Cereal Milk Panna Cotta

Part of the charm of Momofuku is taking seemingly everyday food and making it better. Cereal milk is a fantastic example: Christina Tosi tapped into some sort of general consciousness when elevating cereal milk. When I think of my childhood, I think of milk, cereal, and nostalgia for a time in which my hardest decision was Honeycomb or Cocoa Pebbles.

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Chocolate-Hazelnut Thing and Caramelized Cornflakes for Cereal Milk Panna Cotta

Caramelized cornflakes are a wonderful thing. I’ve made them before for my take on the Milk Bar’s cornflake cookies, so I figured making them again would go nice and smooth. Cornflakes are crushed, coated in milk powder, sugar and butter, then baked in a 275˚F oven for 20 minutes or until a deep golden colour.

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Blueberry Pecan Cornflake Squares Recipe

Many things can instantly transform me to my much-forgotten ill-worn teenagerhood: a few passing bars of The Backstreet Boys, Club Monaco sweaters and cornflake squares.

My first job ever was at a bakery where I’d squirrel away peanut butter cornflake squares to nibble on the bus ride home. The cornflake squares I make now are sans-peanuts, but so much better.

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Copycat Momofuku Milk Bar Cornflake, Chocolate Chip, Marshmallow Cookie Recipe

Mike has a cookie addiction. Not a full-out blue furry monster one, but it’s something we live with. There are never cookies in this house because they get eaten instantly. Usually I combat this by keeping cookie dough in the fridge that I bake off every so often. That way, fresh cookies are only ever 15-20 minutes away.

When I heard about Momofuku Milk Bar’s cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookie I knew I had to figure out a way to make them. I’ve never tasted the original cookie before, but these ones disappeared almost instantly, so I know they’re good.

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