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Pastitsio Recipe

I’m not to sure why casseroles have such a bad reputation. When I was a kid, I would always hear my classmates complaining about eating casseroles. I have no idea what they were complaining about. Whenever I got to eat casseroles at my babysitter’s house, they were delicious. Then again, I was only five and my babysitter had the habit of rolling cigarettes while she was cooking, but I remember her casseroles being creamy delicious messes of meat and pasta.

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Cinnabon Recipe

My mom hates cinnamon with a passion, so growing up, I never knew the joy of cinnamon sugar toast, snickerdoodles or pumpkin pie at home. She can smell the stuff a mile away, and always steers clear. Even now, when I bake something for her with the tiniest amount of cinnamon, she will wrinkle her nose like a four year old and say, “Ew. Cinnamon.”

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Cinnamon Sugar French Toasted Baguettes Recipe

With my abundance of failed Vietnamese baguettes at home, I did what any breakfast loving individual with extra bread lying around would do: I made French toast.

I haven’t met a person who doesn’t like French toast, although a while ago I did discover that one of Mike’s friends had never had French toast before. I was in the middle of making French toast when he came over so I asked him if he wanted to try some, but when he saw me put the sugar into the eggs, he freaked out and that was the end of my intro to French toast lesson.

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