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Ad Hoc Chicken Soup with Dumplings Recipe

I’m not a big fan of the dumplings in chicken and dumplings, there’s something about filling-less dumplings that doesn’t sit quite right with me. Then again, it could just be that I haven’t had proper chicken and dumplings. When I have had them, the dumplings are dough-y, thick and strangely flavourless. Generally, they taste like un-cooked balls of dough.

I was hoping that Keller’s recipe for Chicken Soup with Dumplings would change all my biases against filling-less dumplings. All of the Ad Hoc recipes I’ve tried so far have been winners, so it was a good bet that this recipe would be a winner as well. The photo of the soup in the book is gorgeous: succulent chicken, creamy soup and dumplings that look like they’re made out of mashed potatoes.

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Chicken Kimchi Stew Recipe

Kimchi stew is what made me fall in love with kimchi – either that or David Chang’s kimchi recipe. Honestly though, I think there’s something about cooking kimchi that mellows out the flavours and makes it more accessible. Kimchi stew is spicy, sweet and one of my favourite fast meals.

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Chicken Miso Ramen Recipe

I know you’re probably wondering, when is she going to get back to the Momofuku stuff? Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about Chang and his crazy recipes, in fact, I just received my sample size of Activa meat glue in the mail. Meat glue equals Brick Chicken and whatever other weird and wondrous meat monstrosities I can come up with for Meat Glue Week.

In the mean time, I’m still recuperating from my lingering cough with my seemingly endless chicken soups. Miso chicken ramen is one of my favourites and one that you can definitely make with pre-home-made or store-bought chicken stock.

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Alligator Chicken Noodle Soup

Don’t worry, this soup doesn’t have any alligator meat it in, just alligator noodles. When Mike was young, he was obsessed with eating Lipton’s Alligator Soup, an instant chicken noodle soup with alligator shaped noodles. They’ve discontinued the soup, but Mike craves it in that way you crave food from your childhood.

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Chicken-Ginger Noodle Soup

Chinese people, especially more traditional ones, are very particular with soup. My dad used to be one of those people, but he’s mellowed out a lot. Before, he used to demand that my mom boil him soup daily. Sometimes, if my mom made a big enough pot, we’d have leftover soup from the night before, but when we did, my dad would grumble. He’s less crotchety now, even though he’s older. You’d think he’d become more particular while growing older, but instead he’s definitely more relaxed.

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