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Fried Apple Pie

I like apple pie—especially fresh baked with ice cream—but if asked to prioritize all the desserts in the world, apple pie would pretty far down on my list of favourites. I was hoping Momofuku’s apple pie would be transcendental, but it was just a fried apple pie. A good fried apple pie, but apple pie nonetheless.

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Apple Soju Cocktail Recipe

I’m not a big drinker — if I have too much (read: more than one drink) — I turn an embarrassing shade of tomato and promptly pass out. Nonetheless, sometimes I come across drinks that I really like. The apple soju cocktail is one of them.

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Fuji Apple Salad with Kimchi, Bacon, Maple Labne

After my four and a half bowls of ramen yesterday, I kind of felt like I never wanted to eat again. Then, around 2pm, my tummy started rumbling. Could it be? Was I hungry? Luckily, I had the ingredients for Fuji Apple Salad in my fridge.

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