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Brick Chicken

I have to warn you, even if you do get your hands on some meat glue so you can try making brick chicken, you’re going to have another problem: smoke. Chang’s fondness for searing on the element and then finishing in the oven works wonders for meat but will set your fire alarm off not once, but three times.

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Pig’s Head Torchon: Done

Pig’s head boiled for 3 1/2 hours: check. Meat and fat separated: check. Said meat and fat rolled into torchon: check. One apprehensive cook: check.

Looking at the photo of the deep fried, crispy, torchon slices in Chang’s book is looking at the loveliest photo of two perfectly cooked croquettes. I love croquettes. I love their crispy, crunchy exteriors giving way to soft, melty potato-meat insides. Based on the photo alone, I thought the pig’s head torchon would be like a uber-croquette, no filler potato, just all crispy outsides and melty, fatty, meaty insides.

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Pig’s Head Torchon: Day 1

The pig’s head torchon recipe doesn’t look particularly difficult, but for me, it’s the most intimidating recipe in the book. I’ll take baby octopus or fingerling potatoes over pig’s head any day.

I’ve been worried about the pig’s head ever since I read the words “farmers do not raise walking pork chops”. Intellectually I know that farmers don’t raise walking pork chops (how cute would that be?!), but living in the city, I don’t have a lot of experience with livestock and most of the meat I’ve cooked comes packaged in plastic and styrofoam. I’m sure if I did live on a farm, raising and butchering my own livestock, I’d appreciate meat more.

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Cured Hamachi

I love raw fish with a passion, but it wasn’t always so. My dad was the one who actually turned our whole family onto sushi and sashimi. I can barely remember the first time my family went to a sushi restaurant, but I do remember that I refused to eat anything except chicken teriakyi. My dad tried to convince the whole family that sashimi was to die for, but I was just convinced that I’d die if I had to eat raw fish.

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Ghetto Sous Vide Marinated Hanger Steak Saäm

There’s only one hanger steak per cow, making it tough to get your hands on one. Luckily for me, when I called my favourite butcher, they happened to have one in stock. When I got there I had a chat with the butcher about the increasingly popular cut of meat.

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