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Scallops with Buttermilk, Soy and Poppy Seeds

This is another one of Chang’s three-in-one recipes, but two of the recipes are just dressings and the other is arranging, so I’d say this is one of the easiest recipes in the Ko chapter. Fresh, sweet scallop is placed on top a tangy, slightly spicy buttermilk dressing with shoyu vinaigrette.

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Prawns with Yuzu Mayonnaise

Chang claims yuzu mayonnaise is Sandra Lee simple, which it is, once you get your hands on some green yuzu kosho and bottled salted yuzu juice. Yuzu is a super aromatic Asian citrus fruit. It’s tart like a grapefruit and quite commonly used in Japanese food.

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Deep-Fry Fridays: Firecraker Shrimp Recipe

I love deep-fried shrimp so when I find a new recipe for deep-fried shrimp I get pretty excited. Steamy Kitchen’s firecracker shrimp are all the good things about deep-fried shrimp: sweet, succulent shrimp, crunchy outsides, handheld and dipp-able.

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Vietnamese-esque Shrimp Salad Recipe

Sometimes, on Saturdays that aren’t filled with chores, social obligations or work, Mike and I like to wander to our friendly-neighbourhood Whole Foods. I love Whole Foods, especially since they have super-helpful, knowledgeable staff and hard to find items. Recently I even found out that they’ll order you specialty produce if you request it. All the things that Whole Foods offers on a regular daily basis makes it a great place to shop, but my favourite day to go is Saturday, because Saturday is sample day!

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Momofuku Shrimp Spring Roll Recipe

Note: I refer to “spring rolls” as salad rolls.

I’ve rolled (and eaten!) a lot of salad rolls in my life. There’s definitely a technique to it and the more you roll, the better you get. I love eating salad rolls, mostly because I find the do-it-yourselfness of it completely satisfying. You can customize your roll whatever way you want and really, even if you’re not a very good roller, it doesn’t matter because you’re the one who’s going to eat it!

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