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Vietnamese Chicken Salad Recipe

When I’m looking for refreshing, summertime food, I tend to lean towards meals of salads and fresh fruits. This Vietnamese chicken salad is perfect in summertime: fresh, herby, full of chicken and best of all, cold.

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Honey Garlic Chicken Wing Recipe and NYC!

I’m super excited because Mike and I are heading to NYC for the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party! Well, actually, we’re just heading there on vacation, but the block party happens to be the same weekend. Over the next couple of days I won’t be cooking, but you can expect lots of NYC food photos. See you in NYC!

In the meantime, here’s a recipe for my super-simple, easy honey garlic chicken wings!

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Clay-Pot Miso Chicken Recipe

Most people, when they think of clay-pot chicken rice they imagine glossy brown chicken, sweet and juicy Chinese sausage, and fluffy soy-saucy rice served in a clay pot. I, on the other hand, just picture the rice cooker of my childhood. Growing up, we didn’t have a clay pot, but that didn’t stop my mom from making this traditional Chinese dish. Instead of a clay pot, she’d cook everything in the rice cooker for a fast, one pot meat of tender chicken, sweet sausage, earthy mushrooms and soy-sauce-soaked rice.

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Brick Chicken

I have to warn you, even if you do get your hands on some meat glue so you can try making brick chicken, you’re going to have another problem: smoke. Chang’s fondness for searing on the element and then finishing in the oven works wonders for meat but will set your fire alarm off not once, but three times.

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Meat Glue Week: Chicken Nuggets

I grew up eating Chicken McNuggets; they were one of the few types of meat I would eat and whenever my mom wanted to get some protein in me, she’d take me to McDonalds. Before Chicken McNuggets were introduced in the eighties, there wasn’t much of a market for boneless chicken, but afterwards, boneless chicken pieces exploded in popularity. McDonald’s created Chicken McNuggets to fill a gap, but what the ended up doing was creating a whole new fast food group.

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