Kogi Korean BBQ

When I first heard about the Kogi taco truck, I happened to be in Mexico. I was surrounded by authentic Mexican taco trucks and all I wanted was one of those Korean-Mexican tacos I was reading about all over the net. Well, two years later and I finally got my paws on some of the famed tacos.

We tried one of each: short rib, spicy pork and chicken. We also got some Kogi sliders, but really, I was all about the tacos. My favourite of the three was the spicy pork. It was mildly sweet and and a touch spicy. The meat was counterbalanced by a crunchy cabbage slaw, which was a bit heavy on the dressing.

I liked the tacos, but as with a lot of things that have been super-hyped-up, I didn’t find them the mind-blowing experience most people have talked about. I still really enjoyed them though; they hit the spot and there was no wait at the truck I visited.

Mike’s of the opinion that regular Mexican tacos are far superior, but after dreaming of Kogi for so long, I’m glad I got to try the real Korean deal.

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  1. I’m surprised there is so much hype outside California for Kogi.

    Honestly before I started working for Food Trucks I waited in line for 2 hours to try Kogi and I thought the food was pretty mediocre, I preview the original Mexican trucks too.

    I hope you didn’t wait more than an hour to get your food.

  2. I tried Kogi when I went out to LA this past spring. I thought it was a little bit too salty.

    But I still think we need some korean bbq taco trucks in NYC :)

    there is one based in NJ but it really isn’t as good.

    also i really think kogi tasted better when they only had one truck and when operations were smaller.

    I wish I had a chance to try Kogi when there was just one truck.

    steph on September 13th, 2010 at 12:35 am
    s on September 11th, 2010 at 10:22 pm
  3. Thanks-I have now drooled on my monitor.

    We have an upcoming trip to LA in October and our one-handed wonder stops include: Kolgi Trucks, Father’s Office, and Philippes.

    Great preview-Thanks!

  4. No need to wait in line for Kogi when in LA. Go to the Alibi Room ( a bar between Culver City & Venice) which serves Kogi from the kitchen in tne bar.

  5. kogi is pretty good, but chego kills it

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