The OC Foodie Fest

Yesterday I got a chance to head out to the OC Foodie Fest held in the parking lot of Honda Centre. (Thanks for the heads up Nina!) Our day started out promising: we left the house early, made good time and the overcast sky meant that we wouldn’t be baking in the sun while stuffing our faces.

When we got to the Honda Centre, we were in for a surprise. The sun was shining unrelentlessly and there was an entrance line wrapped around the block. The festival wasn’t even going to start for another half-an-hour and people were streaming in droves to join the line. It didn’t bode well for the lines inside, to say the least.

The smart thing to do would have been to create a plan of attack where each of us lined up for a different truck, bought multiple items and meet back for a massive feast at one of the many white plastic tables. While I like smart, I like fun a lot more, so we opted to stand in line together so we would have company to chat with. Part of the fun of eating is eating with people.

That being said, by the end of the day, I was wishing we went the smart route. As the day went on, the lines got ridiculously longer and longer. We spent three hours there and this is what we managed to try before the lines and heat got the better of us.

Ludo Truck

This was the only truck I knew about and if we had bought 10 orders of the fried chicken and left, I would have been happy. The $5 boat came with a fried chicken ball, “perfect” fries, slaw or a biscuit and a choice of three homemade sauces: bbq, bearnaise and whole grain honey mustard.

The fries were hot and crisp and the chicken ball was out of this world. A crisp, crunchy crust gave way to the juiciest fried chicken ball I’ve ever eaten. I need to crack the code of Ludo’s fried chicken ball. It’s like chicken crack, for real.

The Shrimp Guys

I didn’t know anything about this truck, but the people I went mentioned that they heard it was good. Mike and I had a shrimp taco each and they were pretty tasty, but not mind blowing.

Flying Pig

The Flying Pig is fusion-style taco and bun truck. It had one of the longest lines of the day and if I had known it was the last truck that we were going to get real food at, I would have ordered the entire menu. The one taco I did have, the carne asada-skirt steak with death sauce-was delicious.

Get Shaved

This was the last line that we lined up in and to be honest, this is the line that broke us. An hour and a half for a bucket of shaved ice?! It may have been “SoCal’s finest shaved ice,” but after a line up like that, the ice should have been ridiculously over the top. That being said, the wait made the shaved ice taste awesome. I have a thing for ice, and this was some damn good shaving.

I’m definitely going to be trying some other LA food trucks, do you guys have any favourites or must tries? I love tacos, fried food, and well, basically anything that’s delicious. Suggestions appreciated!

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  1. What? You guys are in Cali? I thought you were kidding when you said um I heard California Girl song so I want to go to Cali!

    Crazy!!! OMG Now i’m super hungry!

  2. On YouTube, there is a channel called Hungry Nation. One of their guys does VendrTV, which covers food trucks. I think he did a couple of episodes in LA. They have show listings, so you can browse for LA or NorCal food there.
    I know they did some for Portland, which you passed if you drove. So more stuff to stop buy on the way back.

  3. With all respect but I don’t know what’s up with the food bloggers but Ludo seems to have won their tastebuds regardless. The Ludo truck was my first destination (because of the bloggers’ reviews) and it was the worst food I got the whole day. The chicken was juicy but with no seasoning at all. They tried to season after it was fried but it didn’t help at all. The meat tasted like chicken in a bad way (best analogy would be to eat fish with the bloodline not removed). I don’t know about you guys but his chicken is a major failure. I would rather eat chicken mcnuggets any day (and i’m not a fan of the nuggets).

    Second was the biscuit, it was beyond dry. I can’t believe Ludo would allow his name to be dragged into serving this biscuit. The fries were good but not that good. I’ve had better fries.

    For me, the standout last Saturday was Great Balls on Tires. It was so good, I went back for seconds (with more than an hour wait). Chef Michael David (Comme Ca) clearly knows what he is doing even without the hype. The food speaks for itself.

  4. looks like such fun! hear hear for Ludo. loved their chicken!

  5. Look where your kimchi fried rice got featured!

    Wows! Thanks for the heads-up!

    steph on September 1st, 2010 at 11:18 am
  6. the chicken ball is making me HUNGRY!

  7. If you’re still in LA, do Kogi. They also have a truck for Orange County called, the Orange Truck (they now have 4 trucks driving around)

  8. We’ve heard alot about Ludo Bites (in fact, I think NPR recently did a story on them). Chicken balls do look good.

    “Shave Ice” in Hawaii is much better…and cheaper…and no line.


  9. OMG you were at the OC Food Fest?

    I work for the Flying Pig. You shouldn’t have gotten the carne asada, its just a menu filler item.

    The real good stuff is the Pork Belly bao bun inspired by Momofukku and the Tamarind Duck Confit Taco

    Guess I’ll just have to track down that Flying PIg Truck again to try the bao and duck!

    Well I’m gonna be leaving for Chicago for a few days starting today, so if you do get a chance to try it again ask for Johnny and just say you’re a friend, hopefully they will hook you up with some extra stuff.

    Johnny Lee on September 1st, 2010 at 11:30 am
    steph on September 1st, 2010 at 11:21 am
  10. Ok I’m a food truck follower. I’ve had:

    Kogi – speaks for itself
    Ludo – same as above
    Gastrobus – awesome. I had their pulled pork over grits with pickled red onion and it was amazing. On Sundays they’re at the Silverlake Farmers market and base their menu off whatever is selling at the market
    Flying Pig – I agree with the pokr belly buns, but to be honest, nothing compares to Momofuku
    Coolhaus – ice cream sandwiches! I mad their bacon ice cream between maple bacon chocolate cookies
    Buttermilk Truck – LOVE it. The Buttermilk Brick (hash brown brick, biscuit, topped with runny fried egg and sausage gravy) and the chocolate chip red velet pancakes are amazing.
    Grilled Cheese Truck – Also amazing. I think their tomato soup tastes a bit too much like tomato sauce, but their signature grilled short rib mac and cheese sandwich is good.
    Marked 5 – Only think it’s ok. Instead of burger buns, it’s rice patties and the insides are filled with bulgogi, lettuce, tomato, etc

    There are a lot more random ones that I’ve eaten … feel free to email me for more suggestions! I’ve been reading through the archives so I missed this post otherwise I would have suggested a lot of places, being an LA native myself!

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