Scallion Oil

The last time I made the scallion oil from Momofuku, it was for the clams with bacon dashi. I forgot to drizzle the oil on the clams, but having that extra scallion oil in the fridge was awesome. If you like the taste of green onions, scallion oil tastes great on pretty much anything.

I especially like the scallion oil on eggs. A couple of drops of soy sauce and scallion oil and the whole flavour of the egg changes.

Chang’s scallion oil isn’t like other green onion oils you typically see. Usually, green onion oil recipes have thinly sliced green onions immersed in oil, along with ginger. Here, Chang blends green onions with oil and then strains out the solids.

After straining, you’re left with a chartreuse coloured oil with the slight perfume of green onions. It’s a great sauce for people who want the flavour of green onions but not the bite. It’s a simple recipe and one you can play with to get the ratios right for your taste. Just blend green onions and a neutral tasting oil. Strain and season with salt.

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  1. Are the scallions blanched? If not, does the color of the oil change color or get darker after a couple of days?

    The scallions aren’t blanched and the oil does get a tiny bit darker and not as vibrantly green.

    steph on August 8th, 2010 at 10:11 am
  2. How long does the oil keep for ? Btw I love your blog :)

  3. This is great! I love putting a little ginger in my oil as well.

  4. We used to do this all the time in kitchens I worked in. Love the flavour it adds to simple dishes, subtle and fragrant. I forgot about until just now though, so thank you!

  5. How do you strain this? Cheese cloth or just a simple strainer?

  6. Hello Dearest,

    Post me a plant of Scallion oil, I am confused that what kind of plant it is.

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