Roasted Scallop with Kohlrabi Puree and Pickled Chanterelles

I’m just getting back into cooking from Momofuku and I’m finding that the tiny dishes from Ko are perfect for hot summer days where I don’t want to eat anything at all.

Aside from the general deliciousness, one of the things I enjoy most about cooking from the Momofuku book is the introduction to new foods that I never considered eating before, like kohlrabi. Come summer, I’d see piles of kohlrabi at the grocery store, but I never thought to buy one until now.

Turns out kohlrabi is really good! Boiled and mashed with salt, it tastes sort of like a very flavourful daikon with more texture. The kohlrabi in this scallop dish was supposed to be a puree, but I found that mashing alone didn’t do much, so I used my hand blender to give it a smoother texture.

The kohlrabi went quite well with the one-sided seared scallops. The scallops were pan fried in a cast-iron skillet and basted with butter. The dish is finished with a spoonful of hot bacon dashi and pickled chanterelles. The smokiness from the dashi and the sweet-sourness from the chanterelles paired with the scallop made this a super-flavourful yet light summer dish.

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  1. One of the guys at The Paupered Chef just pickled kohlrabis!
    Bacon and scallops, a great combination.

  2. This looks amazing! I’ve never had kohlrabi or chanterelles, but your photography makes me wish I had this meal sitting in front of me right now.

  3. Love the updates and am continually impressed by the great photos to go with them!

  4. Scallops are fried. “Roasted Scallop” title

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