Prawns with Yuzu Mayonnaise

Chang claims yuzu mayonnaise is Sandra Lee simple, which it is, once you get your hands on some green yuzu kosho and bottled salted yuzu juice. Yuzu is a super aromatic Asian citrus fruit. It’s tart like a grapefruit and quite commonly used in Japanese food.

Fresh yuzus aren’t common in North America and even though Chang says that green yuzu kosho and bottle salted yuzu juice can be picked up at any Japanese grocery, I found that wasn’t the case in Vancouver. Luckily, on my recent trip to NYC, I made it a point to visit some Japanese grocery stores and found both easily.

In Momofuku, yuzu mayonnaise is paired with Maine Jonah crab claws, which are native to the East Coast. In an effort to keep it a little more local, I used some BC prawns. The tartness of the yuzu combined with the richness of the kewpie mayonnaise went fantastically with the chilled prawns.

I think I could make a meal of a giant plate of chilled prawns and yuzu mayonnise, it was that good.

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  1. They look very refreshing. I have never tried this mayonnaise, I would love to taste.
    In French part of my family, shrimps and some other seafood is traditionally served on Easter lunch (with home-made mayonnaise). It would be a nice change if I could try your version !

  2. Turns out you can get green yuzu kosho from Amazon, but a Google search of “bottled yuzu juice” turns up this very page at #7. Good for you, but bad for people wanting a quick internet source for the stuff.
    What did salting do for the taste of yuzu juice?

  3. I LOVE yuzu kosho. It’s such an amazing citrus chile combination. It’s great with steak or in marinades, and as you discovered, dipping sauces. Magic stuff, I tell you.

  4. I was just at Fujiya this Monday looking for supplies. I got my spice (and shiso leaf) but not anything yuzu. I think they might have had one type of salted yuzu product on the shelves right above the seafood freezers. (I didn’t actually ask anyone there because yuzu wasn’t a priority for me; I was just looking out of curiosity.)

  5. Yuzu fruit/trees can be easily grown in most areas of the U.S. as it’s very cold tolerant…. We live in Portland OR and bought ours from One Green World, it’s a dwarf variety and only gets 5 feet tall. It’s now 2 years old and we are starting to get a fair amount of fruit and the blossoms smell divine. Other uses; it makes a wonderful marmalade and the marmalade is especially good in a Hot Toddy! The fresh juice can be used in a similar manner to lime juice, great in marinades & sauces for fish, chicken, beef & pork and super awesome in cocktails…..

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