Poached Rhubarb

Originally, the poached rhubarb was supposed to be served with the Momofuku Shortcakes I made back at the beginning of summer. Back then it wasn’t rhubarb season, but I was determined to find some so I scoured the city only to come up empty-handed. The shortcakes tasted great without the rhubarb and I basically forgot about the poached rhubarb recipe until recently, when I was double checking which recipes I needed to complete cooking the book.

It’s a good thing I checked because rhubarb season is almost over! I haven’t actually cooked rhubarb at home before, so I went the cautious way and just bought one stalk. I know what you’re thinking: one stalk?! What can you do with one stalk? Well, the one stalk was just enough for a small dessert for Mike and me.

The poached rhubarb has to be the simplest recipe in the book. The rhubarb is chopped, put in a pot with sugar, elderflower syrup and lychee juice, then put in the oven until tender. Chang claims the tenderizing only takes about 35 minutes, but I left mine in there well over an hour.

I served the rhubarb with some leftover sour cream ice cream and the sweet-tartness of the poached rhubarb went deliciously with the rich creaminess of the sour cream.

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