Lollipop Fail and a Bacon T-shirt

I’ve been wanting to make lollipops for a while now, but for some reason, I’ve been putting it off. With a tea-loving friend’s birthday celebration today, I finally had an excuse to try my hand at some honey tea flavoured lollies.

I was pretty excited about finding a seemingly easy recipe for honey lollipops on, but I should have known something would go wrong. I haven’t been having a lot of luck in the kitchen lately. First the slimy noodles and now, instead of tea flavoured lollipops I have, well, nothing.

It went well at the beginning; the candy cooked, my thermometer worked, the syrup was a dream to pour. Everything was fine until I tried to unmold. The lollipops refused to come out of the mold. I didn’t have any non-stick cooking spray on hand so I oiled the molds instead thinking that oil would have more than enough non-stick abilities. I thought wrong. It was so bad that I had to melt the candy out with hot tap water.

You’d think that after that fiasco I’d just go out and buy a tea flavoured gift or maybe make some earl grey shortbread, but no, I wanted to try again. I went with a different recipe the second time around and this time I really oiled the molds. They were dripping.

I had a bit more luck with the second lime lollipop recipe, but ultimately I ended up with broken shards of candy. I’m not giving up on lollipops though; I’m going to get my hands on some cooking spray and then we’ll see who’s boss!

In other news, I got my T-shirt from Billy from A Table for Two! It’s bacon-y awesome and I love it! You can get yours here!

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    That is an awesome shirt!

  2. I like the Alice in Wonderland theme of the shirt. I think a Charlotte’s Web one would be good too.

  3. Nice on on the T-shirt. I was thinking of getting one. Love anything with bacon!

  4. Hmm well I’ve tried a few Gale Gand recipes on foodtv as well and I’ve had issues with them too. I think her recipes were poorly written or something. But I’ve tried others such as Paula Deen and they always turned out right.

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