Crispy Rice Pizza Recipe

Sometimes leftovers are the best part of a good meal – you can go to sleep happy, knowing that something delicious awaits you the next day. Some leftovers are more versatile than others, but generally, the minimal amount of effort you need to put in to make something new is amazing.

The day after our bo ssäm feast we had rice, kimchi and pork in the fridge. There’s a lot you can do with leftover rice: fried rice, baked rice, omelette-wrapped rice, and the list goes on. I had a craving for crispy rice so I decided to do a bibimbap-ish pizza in a cast iron skillet.

I love the way rice gets super crunchy when toasted over low heat. Top it off with slow roasted pork, roughly chopped kimchi and a fried egg and I’m in heaven. The gooey richness of the egg yolk seeping it’s way in between the rice is, for lack of a better descriptor, so good!

If you don’t have any leftovers on hand, you can still make this with whatever you do have in your fridge, just cook up some rice and top it off with vegetables, deli meat or whatever you crave. Drizzle the whole thing with your favourite sauce and remember to add the fried egg on top, it really makes the dish.

Crispy Rice Pizza Recipe

serves 2

1 to 1 1/2 cups of cooked short grain rice*
1/2 cup pulled pork
1/4 cup kimchi, roughly chopped
2 eggs

Pour enough oil to lightly coat the bottom of a small cast iron skillet** and heat it up over medium high heat. When the oil is hot, add 1/2 to 3/4 cups rice and pat it down so it forms a round rice cake. Turn the heat down to medium-low and let the rice crisp up and form a crust. Be patient, this may take a while. After about 15 minutes, use as small spatula to lift up your rice cake to see if it has a golden brown crust. If it does, turn it over and crisp up the other side. If it doesn’t, give it a few more minutes before flipping. Flipping the cake should be easy; the rice cake should be solid.

Once you flip your rice cake over, go a head and fry up a sunny side egg in another pan. While your egg is cooking to your optimal doneness, top the rice cake with some pork and kimchi. When the egg is cooked, pop it on top of the rice cake and add a couple more pieces of pork and kimchi. Repeat with the remaining ingredients to make another “pizza” and enjoy hot!

* Short grain rice is essential for this dish because other longer rice varieties won’t stick together to form a cake

** If you don’t have a small cast iron skillet, feel free to make this in a regular one. Your “pizzas” might be a little irregularly shaped, but they’ll still taste great and they’ll be easier to flip!

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  1. AWESOME! I have some leftover (actually a full order) of gyudon from this weekend…I’m totally going to fry it up and add an egg tonight! And I’m thinking some hot sauce to top it off!

  2. That’s such a cool idea! I’m a student with a student’s budget, so this is definitely going to come in handy

  3. Awesome idea. I’ve been looking to use my cast iron skillet more often AND just tried bibimbap for the first time (and loved it).

  4. oo what a great idea!

  5. i only just recently discovered your blog and i just wanted to say i am in LOVE with it. so exciting to see what new stuff you’re cooking up.

  6. Looks good,will definitely be trying it.

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