Caramelized Shrimp Salad Roll Recipe

Summertime is perfect for those long lazy meals spent lingering at the table, wanting to eat one more bite, but fearing that you’ll burst if you do. Salad rolls are the best summer meal for this, just because you’re eating at your own pace and rolling your own rolls. There isn’t much prep work, just a few minutes at the stove and a couple more washing and rinsing vegetables and you’re good to go.

When ever we have dinner at my in-law’s we always come home with a bounty of leftovers. This time they included leftover spring rolls and all the usual greens that go into salad rolls so for dinner last night I cooked up some simple caramelized shrimp for us to roll with. Honestly, you can put whatever you want into a salad roll and it’ll be good.

Caramelized Shrimp Salad Roll Recipe

1 pound of large shrimp, peeled and deveined
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons water
1/4 cup fish sauce
pepper to taste

rice paper
your choice of assorted vegetables (suggestions: cilantro, green leaf lettuce, shiso, rau ram, Thai basil)
fish sauce for dipping
rice vermicelli, if desired

In a large sauce pan, combine the sugar and water over high heat and let boil. It may take a while and the water might look like it’s going to all boil away, but be patient, the liquid will soon take on a golden brown caramel colour. When it’s a light caramel colour, add the fish sauce, but be careful, the caramel will hiss and bubble and if you’re not expecting it, it will startle you! Stir the sauce and add the shrimp to cook. By the time the shrimp are done cooking, the sauce will have cooked down into a sticky, sweet, spicy sauce that will cling to each shrimp. Season with pepper to taste, set your bowl of shrimp on the table and have everyone assemble their own salad rolls. Don’t worry about the salad rolls being pretty, everyone rolls them up differently!

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  1. this looks pretty amazing

  2. Wow, the shrimps look so juicy and “bouncy”

  3. I agree! Everything tastes good in a spring roll!

  4. man that sounds so good!

  5. looks grubworthy. I like the assorted ‘namese herbs ur rockin there.

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