Apple Pie Filling and Miso Butterscotch

As a kid, I admit, I ate my fair share of McDonald’s apple pies and I liked them. I only ate them when they were hot though; if by some chance, I’d find an apple pie in the fridge, I’d put it in the microwave to heat it up so the gooey filling would liquify and ooze.

Momofuku Ko’s fried apple pie resembles a McDonald’s apple pie, but according to Chang, it’s been complicated and elevated. The filling contains 2 types of apples cooked in two different ways and there’s a miso butterscotch to add a salty note.

The two apples in the filling are Empire and Fuji apples. Fuji apples are common around here, but Empire apples were nowhere to be found. A quick search on the internet revealed that Empire apples are a highly localized East Coast apple. With Empire apples clearly out of reach, I went with Spartans, which are the Empire’s West Coast apple cousin.

The fillings were easy and quick to prepare: the compote was simply apples flash boiled in brown sugar with apple cider and a cinnamon stick and the jelly was pectin, brown sugar and cider boiled then poured over diced apples. The two different kind of apple fillings should result in some apples being tender and some having crunch. The compote is the bulk of the filling and the jelly is what oozes when fried.

The miso butterscotch is in no ways a traditional butterscotch, but it has that deep caramelized flavour. Shiro miso is practically burned then blended with brown sugar, miring, sherry vinegar and butter. While not pretty, the miso butterscotch has a salty-sweet flavour that I can see working with the apple pie. If I have any extra left over, I’m definitely going to brush some onto some mochi and grill them up for a salty sweet miso treat.

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  1. Whoa. I love apple pie with something salty — cheddar cheese, usually. But this miso twist is intriguing.

    Unami is the common bond. Miso and cheese have it.
    Mushroom does too, but mushroom apple pie sounds too out there.

    Andy on July 25th, 2010 at 2:20 pm
  2. This is so unusual, I must try it being a huge butterscotch fan. I look forward to trying it for a light twist on the usually rich rich rich butterscotch!!!

  3. This looks like those apples could just be eaten cold out of that jar. Yum. Can I ask where you get your jars? I have been looking for something perfect for quick pickles, and those seem just right. Also, what are you going to do once you finish all 98 recipes? Thanks!

    The jars are from Ikea and the’re pretty great for quick pickling or kimchi.

    steph on August 17th, 2010 at 4:09 pm
  4. Do you have the recipe for the deep fried apple pie?

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