Cereal Milk Panna Cotta

Part of the charm of Momofuku is taking seemingly everyday food and making it better. Cereal milk is a fantastic example: Christina Tosi tapped into some sort of general consciousness when elevating cereal milk. When I think of my childhood, I think of milk, cereal, and nostalgia for a time in which my hardest decision was Honeycomb or Cocoa Pebbles.

I loved cereal as a child. It would be one of the few things I would eat without complaint and a lot of times, to the chagrin of my infinitely patient mom, it was the only thing I’d eat. At the dinner table, I’d make any excuse to get away and later, hungry, I’d pour myself a bowl full of cereal.

It’s funny because I think my love of cereal must be genetic. My mom, dad, brother and sister-in-law have all told me on separate occasions how my two year old nephew is just like me: a cereal fiend. He’s turning into a real cereal connoisseur. Usually his cereal is plain Cheerios, but he knows how to ask his mom for “Mamma’s cereal,” which happens to be the good, sugary stuff.

Cornflakes aren’t sugary, but after toasting, seeping in milk and cream, and mixing with brown sugar, the creamy milk definitely had the flavour of the sugary-sweet cereal milk you find at the bottom of the bowl.

While I’m a fan of cereal and milk, I’m not really a panna cotta person. The one thing I was most worried about was the panna cotta setting up. Thankfully it did! I haven’t had much success with gelatin sheets, so I followed the cereal milk panna cotta recipe in the NY Times, which substitued 1 tablespoon of gelatin for the sheets.

With the panna cotta setting up in the fridge, I made the avocado puree, which was by far the easiest part of making this recipe! An avocado is blended with lemon juice, salt and sugar, then pursed through a strainer to yield a silky smooth lump free puree.

The puree sits atop the cereal milk panna cotta and is sprinkled with caramelized cornflakes. A piece of incredible delicious chocolate-hazelnut thing adorns the whole thing and you’re good to go!

Other parts of this dish: Praline Paste, Chocolate Hazelnut Thing and Caramelized Cornflakes

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  1. Looks like they turned out great and they look absolutely yummy! Well done and great presentation. Mmmmm…. Chocolate Hazelnut things…

    Thanks Dan! The chocolate-hazelnut things were the best part!

    steph on May 27th, 2010 at 7:24 pm
  2. They look delicious.
    How much milk is left in the cornflakes? And what happened to the soggy cornflakes?

    I squeezed all the milk out of the cornflakes, so they were pretty dry after that. Apparently you can eat the soggy cornflakes but I only like crunchy cereal. So much so that I cannot be interrupted while eating cereal.

    so true! i thought i was the only one. i can’t talk or answer the phone while eating cereal. every second counts.

    Jin Gerbread on June 3rd, 2012 at 8:55 pm
    steph on May 27th, 2010 at 7:25 pm
  3. how did the avocado puree go with the rest of the dish?

    It was interesting, but I think it would have tasted just as good without. It didn’t add anything for me.

    steph on May 28th, 2010 at 12:07 pm
  4. We tried making this for a dinner party for a friend this past weekend and WOW was it amazing. We customized it a bit, using half cocoa puffs and half corn flakes, then garnishing with a strawberry and more cocoa puffs. Worked like a charm. Can’t wait to try other kinds of cereal. Fruity Pebbles is my fav. Here’s a pick of the finished product: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jinnyjuice/4655544524/

    That looks delicious, especially the cocoa puffs!

    steph on June 3rd, 2010 at 8:49 am
  5. Can someone help me with the recipe for this dish? I am very interested in trying it.

  6. tanks its a good idea, looks delicious

  7. The avocado seems like an odd companion, but I love the whole idea! I’m not a milk drinker OR a breakfast person, so I usually eat my cereal dry, as a crunchy snack, but you’re right – when you do eat a bowl of cereal, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as that sugary milk at the bottom of the bowl. Good call!!

  8. I’m curious about how you got the milk out of the corn flakes. I tried making this the other day, and was only able to get about 1.5 cups of liquid out! I worked the soggy flakes pretty good, but to no avail :(

  9. How long avocado puree can wait in the fridge?

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