Green Curry Banana Bread Recipe

Back when I was still in high school, my mom came home from work one day clutching a photocopied hand-written banana bread recipe. She claimed it was the best banana bread she had ever tasted in her life. It was a pretty bold statement, but she stood by it. She even stopped by the store on her way home to buy a bunch of bananas so they could ripen for the bread.

I’ll admit, I had my doubts. I was wary of the messy hand writing, the oil content, and, well, everything. I was wrong: it was the best banana bread ever. Moist, not too sweet, not overly oily, with a crunchy, crisp top. We’ve made that banana bread countless times since she brought the recipe home. The paper got torn, wrinkly, and banana-stained until one day it was gone.

We spent a good half a day looking for the recipe. It’s usual spot was stuck to the side of the microwave with a Care Bear magnet. The smiling magnet was still there, the recipe was not. Sadly, at this point my mom had changed jobs, so she couldn’t go back to the messy hand-writing person and get the recipe again. We tried re-creating from scratch and some loaves came close, but were never quite the same.

I’ve been looking for that perfect banana bread recipe ever since and I don’t know if I’ll ever find it. I went on the hunt for the best banana bread recipe again for the base of my Green Curry Banana Bread.

I know, green curry and banana? I never would have thought of it, but Milk Bar has a different rotating bread served daily: croissants, focaccia, cornbread, and of course banana green curry bread. While I was putting the bread together, it kind of made sense to me. The sweetness of the bananas playing with the sweet-spiciness of the curry sounded really good.

I found a banana bread recipe on All Recipes claiming to be the Best Ever Banana Bread. I chose it based on the sugar content alone, thinking that the extra sugar would stand up nicely against the green curry. Unfortunately, I was a little overzealous with the sugar and not generous enough with the curry.

It was a delicious banana bread: moist and banana-y. The green curry added a tiny bit of that taste you just can’t place, but it didn’t come out in the forefront. If I were to make the bread again I’d double the amount of green curry paste. Also, this bread tastes fabulous toasted, so slathering on some green curry butter would also bring the green curry flavour front and centre.

Would you try green curry banana bread or is there another strange, yet delicious banana bread you’d rather have?

Green Curry Banana Bread Recipe
adapted from All Recipes

Yield: 1 loaf

2 eggs, beaten
1/3 cup buttermilk
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 cup mashed bananas (about 2 large bananas)
1 1/2 cups white sugar
1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon green curry paste


1. Preheat oven to 325˚F.
2. Blend together the eggs, buttermilk, oil, bananas and green curry paste.
3. Sift together the sugar, flour, and baking soda. Add to banana mixture and gently mix until all flour is incorporated. Do not over mix.
4. Pour into a loaf pan and bake 1 hour and 20 minutes or until a cake tester inserted in the center comes out clean.

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  1. That sounds intriguing, the complex spiciness of the green curry mixed with bananas.
    Was it a subtle spiciness, or does the flavor jump out at you?

    It was a pretty subtle spiciness, with a tiny bit of an after taste. Next time I’ll do more green curry paste.

    steph on April 14th, 2010 at 9:00 am
  2. I swear by the Silver Palate’s banana bread (found online below) and would definitely give the green curry version a shot! yum

    Mmm, that Silver Plalate banana bread sounds super banana-y. Maybe I’ll give it a go, I’m always on the hunt for a good banana bread.

    steph on April 14th, 2010 at 9:02 am
  3. Green curry paste! That is seriously cool. How did it taste like? I guess curry and bread does go well.

    I couldn’t taste the curry paste much, I’ll have to put more in next time. It was very subtle and you could only get a hint of it. But it wasn’t as weird as I thought it was!

    steph on April 14th, 2010 at 9:38 am
  4. What brand of green curry paste do you use? I would assume the spiciness level will vary with the brand of curry paste.

    I used Aroy-D brand, which I don’t find too spicy; I usually find green curry pretty mild.

    steph on April 15th, 2010 at 11:20 am
  5. Green curry with bananas. Interesting.

    I quite liked it! I didn’t know if I would, but I did.

    steph on April 21st, 2010 at 12:16 pm
  6. I’m a recipe opportunist- no matter how good something I make is, I have a hard time making the exact same recipe for something the next time.
    I’ve tried numerous banana bread recipes – simplyrecipes has a decent one that uses olive oil; I’ve also tried mark bittman’s (coconut is not exactly my cup of tea), I’ve even tried dorie greenspan’s marbled banana bread with rum and lemon zest, but I think the banana bread of my simple all-american dreams is on allrecipes. (
    Why do I give you this recipe? because I think you need a great basic recipe before you can start jazzing said recipe up. Also I think the richness of the butter would play really well off of any curry you wanted to add. Good luck!

    PS- I think 101cookbooks has a currybanana bread version?

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