Soy Sauce Egg Recipe

A while back, there was a rumour going around that eggs were bad for you, but thankfully, the myth that too many eggs leads to high cholesterol has been de-bunked. It’s fantastic because now I can eat as many eggs as I want – and I love eating eggs.

Eggs have amazing versatility in both how they are prepared and seasoned; one of my favourite combinations is boiled and eaten with soy sauce. Eggs and soy sauce go hand-in-hand. Even visually, a splash of black soy on the white and yellow of an egg can look dramatic. The savoury umami of soy, the simple flavour of the whites and the buttery richness of the yolks are fantastic together.

When Mike was little he decided that soy sauce and eggs were the ultimate food, without even tasting them. He used to be allergic to eggs and every morning, his parents would have fried eggs with soy sauce and the smell would drive him crazy. He was convinced, based on smell alone, that soy sauce and eggs were the penultimate food. Thankfully he grew out of his egg allergy and now he can have as many eggs with soy sauce as he wants.

Delicious and delectable soy sauce eggs can be a simple, easy snack or a dressed up fancy pants amuse bouche; it’s all in the preparation. If you’re into simplicity, you can boil up a couple of eggs, peel them and let them sit in soy sauce for an hour or so and you’re good to go.

If you want to get all fancy about it, soft-boil your eggs then bathe them in a soy, mirin, sherry vinegar bath, cut in half and top with green onions and fried shallots. The softness of the yolks with the crunchiness of the fried shallots are fantastic together.

Soy Sauce Egg Recipe

large eggs, as many as you think you’ll eat
1/2 cup light soy sauce
1 tablespoon mirin
1/2 tablespoon sherry vinegar
sliced green onions
fried shallots

For medium-boiled eggs
Put your eggs in the pot, cover with water and bring to a boil. Turn the heat down so that the water is at a gentle simmer and set your timer for 7 minutes. When the 7 minutes are up, cool the eggs down in an ice bath with water and a bit of vinegar. The ice water will cool down the eggs, but not the shell, making it easier to peel and the vinegar will soften the eggshells slightly.

For hard-boiled eggs
Put your eggs in the pot, cover with water and bring to a boil. Turn the heat down so that the water is at a gentle simmer and set your timer for 12 minutes, instead of the 7 for soft-boiled. Put the eggs in a vinegar ice-bath before peeling.

Mix the soy sauce, mirin and sherry vinegar in a container deep enough to hold the eggs. Add the peeled eggs and put everything in the fridge for an hour remembering to move the eggs around so that the all surfaces of the egg have been submerged. Don’t leave them in the soy mixture too long or they’ll get super salty.

When ready to eat, bring egg to room temperature, slice in half and top with green onions and fried shallots.

Alternately, eat the eggs straight out of the soy sauce mixture.

Be sure to keep the soy sauce mixture so you can make more eggs in the future. It will keep in the fridge for 3-4 months as long as it doesn’t have any egg bits in it.

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  1. oh me oh my this looks delicious! a perfect twist on eggs for breakfast!

    The best part is you can make them the night before and breakfast is basically instant!

    steph on March 24th, 2010 at 2:31 pm
  2. My husband hates eggs, so when we go for ramen his eggs get put in my bowl. Score! Sometimes even this is not enough for me and I’ll order more soy eggs on the side. My favorite so far is Ramen Setagaya on Univeristy Place in NY, though I think they recently changed thier name. Same yummy eggs though, I checked!

    Mmm…double eggs in ramen sounds like heaven! I haven’t tried Ramen Setagaya, maybe I’ll check it out when I’m back in NYC

    steph on March 24th, 2010 at 2:33 pm
  3. Those look delicious.
    I sometimes just splash some soy on soft boiled eggs or eggs sunny side up.

    Glad to know you share my love for soy sauce and eggs!

    I also drip some sesame oil on the boiled eggs. That last little bit of richness and toasty taste puts it over the top for something that simple.

    I love sesame oil. It’s the best!

    steph on March 25th, 2010 at 3:41 pm
    Andy on March 24th, 2010 at 6:01 pm
    steph on March 24th, 2010 at 2:34 pm
  4. When I make chinese stew, I usually add the eggs to the soy mixture. And I do love the photos very much

    Mmm. I love it when my mom throws eggs into her stew; they’re the best part!

    steph on March 25th, 2010 at 3:44 pm
  5. The perfect snack! I love soy sauce eggs. : )

    Soy sauce eggs are a great snack! I wish I had some right now…

    steph on March 29th, 2010 at 12:49 am
  6. Looks delicious! Another excellent way to make eggs. I’ve become a huge fan of soft boiled eggs lately as well..

    I’ve been fooling around the the timing of the eggs, trying to get them as soft boiled as possible and still being able to soy sauce them. Soft boiled eggs are so good!

    steph on March 29th, 2010 at 11:43 pm
  7. Just had these last night. Amazing! Hope the at-home version is just as tasty!

  8. i recently attended a meeting where the hostess served a version of this with red beef. i was enamored. the rice-red beef-scallion stewed eggs and soy made it so tempting that i had seconds. yummo!

  9. When I had these in Taiwan 2-3 times, in different restaurants, they were always bought in the shell…maybe from street vendors…one of the favorites I had there!

  10. Well I tried this out following the directions and it turned out just like regular boiled eggs. Soy sauce didn’t penetrate through the shell at all!!

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