Leftover Fridays: Noodle Party Invite, Kochukaru, and Blog Love for Almost Bourdain

Leftover Fridays is where I share some random food porn, Google searches, and Blog Love.

Photo this week: Mentaiko Kimchi Udon (recipe here)

Noodle Party Invite!

Y’all are invited to a Noodle Party! Christine from Christine and the Big Scary Kitchen, Shao from Fried Wontons 4 U and I are having a virtual noodle party. We’re all going to make our own take on a noodle dish and post them up at the same time. Everyone is invited: make noodles with us and we’ll all post it on our blogs!

Who: Everyone!

What: We’re all making noodle dishes using dangmyeong, Korean sweet potato glass noodles.

When: Noodle Party posts are going up on March 29th.

Where: Your blog, our blogs. Your twitter, whatever you got.

Why: So we can all dance the noodle dance together! People who join the party will get a Noodle Party badge for their site and of course, as always, everlasting fame!

How: Just give one of us a shout on our blog contact forms, leave a comment, or hit us up on Twitter!

Google Searches:

What is that green sauce at Momofuku?
The green sauce is Chang’s Ginger Scallion Sauce, one of his mother sauces used in a lot of his dishes.

What is kochukaru?
Kochukaru is a Korean dried crushed red chili pepper powder used loads of Korean cooking, probably most notably in kimchi. Kochukaru is bright red and kind of looks like neon simulated bacon bits.

What a piece of potato will look like after being wrapped in cardboard for a week.
I’m not too sure what it will look like, probably fine if the potato is unpeeled. Peeled, I’m not sure I’d want to know what it looks like.

Amazingly I only got one hit from this search. It led the person to the potato pavé post, where you cover the potatoes and then weigh them down with a piece of foil-wrapped cardboard and cans.

Blog Love:

Awesome blogs deserve love! I’ll share my love for a new blog every Friday.

Ellie, of Almost Bourdain, is a self described “trophy wife who does nothing but cook and bake” who also happens to have an informative, mouth-wateringly brilliant blog with a delicious mix of Dutch, Malaysian, Australian and Parisian recipes.  Almost Bourdain is a tour de force in the food blog world – her tiramisu post recently got 164 comments – and doesn’t need any blog love from me, but she’s got it anyway!

Ellie’s photography is wonderfully bright and playful, and her food looks incredible. Most importantly, though, she shares the Momofuku love! I haven’t heard of many of her Dutch delights, but they are definitely on my to-make list now. [Almost Bourdain]

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  1. Aww…… Steph! Thank you so much for your blog love. Of course, yay for momofuku love! I absolutely adore your work and looking forward to more brilliant posts on your blog :)

    Thanks Ellie!
    Momofuku loves unite!

    steph on March 19th, 2010 at 10:53 pm
  2. Noodle party? You *know* I’m RSVPing for that! :)

    Awesome! I can’t wait to see your sweet potato noodle creation!

    steph on March 19th, 2010 at 10:53 pm
  3. Hi there. Does anyone know how to get invited to the Almost Bourdain blog? We tried the twice cooked pork belly recipe a couple of weeks ago and it was fabulous. Unfortunately we can no longer seem to access the site.

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