Leftover Fridays: Mold for Momofuku Fried Apple Pie, Blog Love for Go Ramen

momofuku milkbar cornflake, chocolate marshmallow cookies

Leftover Fridays is where I share some random food porn, funny Google searches, and Blog Love.

Google Searches:

Mold for Momofuku fried apple pie
This is a super popular search.  Twenty-nine people alone searched for it this week and more than 50 last week. I don’t like disappointing, so here you go kids: the mold you can use for a Momofuku Fried Apple Pie. The photo in the cookbook is a bit deceiving because it’s shape is nothing like this tart pan, but if you start to look at some photos of the actual pie from Ko, you’ll see it’s a perfect match.

momofuku. wow. pork buns
A search after my own heart!

Are rice cakes addictive?
Yes, but only if you don’t boil them. If you make Roasted Rice Cakes in Red Dragon Sauce they are definitely addictive.

Blog Love: Awesome blogs deserve love! I’ll share my love for a new blog every Friday.

Go Ramen‘s Keizo is “just a ramen addict that can slurp 24-7.” He’s taken ramen-love to a new extreme by eating the dream in Japan. Last year, he left his job as a programmer in California to move to Tokyo to work at a popular ramen shop and eat ramen morning, noon and night. I admire his courage to follow his dream, but mostly I just feel jealous of all the bowls of ramen he consumes. Go Keizo!

I’m dedicating my Vancouver Ramen Resturant Round-Up to Keizo. Apparently he can hold his own when eating ramen and told me to tell Mike to give him a call if he wants a real challenge. Do I feel a Tokyo ramen-eating challenge coming up?

Other Leftovers:

Lots of people have been commenting and emailing me about my favourite measuring tool, the beaker. If you’ve checked out my FAQ page, you know that I love scientific beakers for cooking and baking.  I buy mine from a local scientific supply store and I’m sure you can buy them from your local science supply store too, or you can check out amazon’s scientific beakers.

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