Nutella Cream Puffs


I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, and I’ve decided: I’m going to Cheat on Chang. Is it wrong to cheat on David Chang? There really is only so much pork one can eat before one starts craving something sweet. Even though the Momofuku cookbook contains two (two!) recipes for desserts, it’s not enough. My obsessive compulsiveness causes me to work through the book linearly and it’s a long time until I get to the Momofuku shortcakes.

nutella and whipping cream

There is something definitely lacking in my diet so today is going to be my first day of Cheating on Chang. It’s National Nutella Day today, so it’s perfect that my first foray into cheating is going to be with the creamy, chocolately, nutty deliciousness that is Nutella. Is there anything better than chocolate and hazelnuts? How about Nutella whipped with cream and then piped into golden puffs of pastry?

Cream puffs are actually pretty easy to make, especially if you follow Dorie Greenspan’s puff recipe. Her recipe is definitely my go-to for the best puffs!

Six simple ingredients can make magical, airy pockets of heaven. Milk, water, butter and salt are brought to a boil, flour is added and stirred vigorously, then eggs are incorporated one by one until you end up with a silky, shiny dough that puffs up in a hot oven.

puffy chouquettes

After cooling, the puffs are filled with whipped cream folded with Nutella. Cream puffs are good with just whipped cream, but add the silky taste of chocolate and hazelnuts and you’ll wish everyday was National Nutella Day. Don’t worry though, according to, Nutella is a way of life.

nutella whipped cream

I think pâte à choux is a way of life. Pâte à choux, or cabbage dough as the French call it (because the puffs look like little cabbages), is marvelously adaptable. I like stirring in whatever cheese I have in my fridge to make gougerés, savoury cheese puffs. They’re addictive when fresh out of the oven, kind of like the most delicious crisp yet soft puffy cheese ball you’ll ever eat.

pearl sugar

Mike prefers chouquettes, which are unfilled puffs covered in pearl or coarse sugar. Pearl sugar is sprinkled on the unbaked puffs before going in the oven. Biting into chouquettes is like biting into a crunchy sugar topped cloud. Mike devoured the sugar topped clouds in five minutes flat.

Cheating on Chang feels good. I think I’ll have to do it more often.

nutella cream puffs

puffy cheese gougerés

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  1. I am a big fan of David Chang as well but hey, if you are going to cheat on him with these beautiful treats – I think that’s only fair! :)

    I didn’t cheat just because they were beautiful on the outside…it was because they were nutella cream filled on the inside! ;)

    steph on February 6th, 2010 at 1:46 am
  2. You can buy Pearl Sugar at IKEA !!!!!!

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