Will I be able to overcome my pig head fear?

Driving down Kingsway today Mike and I passed by Beefway Meats, a butcher shop that I’ve always meant to check out. Really, I was looking to see if they had a higher quality pork belly than T&T. They did have larger slabs, but they were cut a little thinner than I would prefer. Since we were there and pig heads were on my brain we asked if they sold half pig heads.

The answer: no, but they will sell you a whole pig head for $5.50. Seems absurdly cheap to me, but then again, what do they really do with left over heads? They also said that they would be able to cut the head in half or in quarters. I think that would actually help with my fear. A pig head in four pieces seems a little more harmless than a whole one. Or is it just all the more gruesome? I guess I’ll just have to find out.

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