Taré: yakitori barbeque sauce

finished taré

Taré is yakitori barbeque sauce. Yakitori is smokey, juicy and delicious. I think some of that deliciousness is due to the fact it’s meat-on-a-stick. Who doesn’t love meat on a stick? I know I do! Using taré to season the ramen broth lends it some of that yummy meat-on-a-stick flavour.

chicken carcassas

The super-smoky barbeque flavour is created from roasted chicken bones. Chicken carcasses are perfect for this. The carcasses had the butts attached so there was a lot of fat in the pan after roasting, so I drained bit of it out and saved the browned bones and caramelized fat for deglazing.

taré in saucepan

After deglazing and reducing with sake, mirin and soy sauce, the taré was ready to use for seasoning. Salty, with a smokey, meaty flavour, the taré will really give the ramen broth depth.

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  1. Has anyone tried freezing leftover tare?

  2. Yes, I froze tare. It doesn’t really freeze, but it did keep for a few months. I also froze all the extra chicken I fished out from the broth. I trimmed the meat from the bone and divided them into small packages, enough for 2 bowls of ramen, and put them in ziplock bags. I later defrost them and lightly grill them before placing them in the ramen.

  3. Yes I have, and it freezes well 4 months later and was still fresh. I kryovacced the bag.

  4. Can you relink your photos, none of them are showing up. Enjoying your blog!

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