Ssäm Bar Recipe List

Continuing with my obsessive-compulsive lists…What can I say? It’s compulsive, obsessive, obsessive-compulsive. I can truly say that I’ve spent hours on these lists. How many hours, I am not willing to disclose.

Ssäm Bar Recipes (The numbers beside the recipes correspond to the recipes that you need: ie. pork belly ssäm needs recipe #16 – mustard seed sauce. NB stands for Noodle Bar recipe needed.)
1. oyster garnishes x 3 (requires NB15, NB16)
2. melon gelée for oysters
3. kimchi consommé for oysters (requires NB16)
4. bay scallops with dashi, chive oil, pineapple (requires NB4)
5. maine jonah crab claws with yuzu mayonnaise
6. cured hamachi
7. country ham with red eye mayonnaise (requires NB9)
8. xo sauce with 3 vegetables
9. roasted mushroom salad (requires NB4, NB15)
10. fried/roasted cauliflower or brussels sprouts (requires 19)
11. fuji apple salad (requires NB16)
12. bo ssäm (requires NB10, NB16, 13)
13. ssäm sauce
14. marinated hanger steak ssäm (requires NB10, NB16)
15. pork belly ssäm (requires 16)
16. mustard seed sauce (requires NB15)
17. grilled lemongrass pork sausage ssäm (requires 18, 19)
18. pickled carrot & daikon julienne
19. fish sauce vinaigrette
20. spicy pork sausage & rice cake
21. pork shoulder steak (requires 22)
22. ramp ranch dressing (requires NB15)
23. pan-roasted dry-aged rib eye
24. confit/roasted fingerling potatoes
25. brick chicken
26. pig’s head torchon (requires NB15)
27. bánh mì (requires 18, 28, 29)
28. chicken liver terrine
29. ham terrine
30. momofuku shortcakes (requires 31, 32)
31. poached rhubarb
32. macerated strawberries

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