Shopping for ramen ingredients at Granville Island Public Market

poultryland fresh chicken back & neck/carcass

I found most of the ingredients for the ramen from T&T Supermarket and Granville Island Public Market. If you’ve never been to Vancouver, you’ve probably never heard of Granville Island. It’s one of our “major” tourist attractions. The island is reclaimed land underneath one of Vancouver’s main bridges. It used to be an industrial area, but now its home to Vancouver’s only public market, and the place where most people go for gourmet or farm fresh ingredients.

Usually, I don’t go to Granville Island for groceries, but Mike and I went there to pick up some paté and cheese for a little charcuterie plate, so I decided to make the most of it. Good thing I had my grocery list with me because I have a notoriously bad memory.

The ramen broth recipe calls for taré, a Japanese sauce mainly used in yakitori cooking. Chang’s taré recipe needs 2-3 chicken backs. I didn’t know where I was going to find them and I was hoping that T&T would have something. Thankfully I didn’t have to pull out my ghetto Chinese at T&T, because the good news was that I found chicken bones for sale! Granville Island Poultryland sells chicken carcasses! They call them Back and Neck/Carcass and they go for 49¢/lb. I also found some in-house smoky slab bacon at Tenderland Meats. Score!

I actually really like Granville Island, even though most people, including Mike, think its a tourist trap. I worked in a bakery there for four years while I was going to school. Yes, the tourists are pretty annoying cause they take up space and don’t really buy anything, but I love the feel of the market. I spent lots of early mornings smelling my way through the bread, bagels, doughnuts and cinnamon buns to wake myself up. I feel a little bit nostalgic about the place, I guess.

I admit the ingredient list for just one dish is a bit much, but then again, I can’t hop on the subway and just go to Noodle Bar. But if I were in New York, I’d definitely fill up on the holiday soft-serve at Milk Bar.

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