Momofuku Ramen, I love you

Some might say that Momofuku is ramen. And the first recipe in the cookbook, surprise, surprise, is for Momofuku ramen. I can’t wait to try it. My husband can’t wait to eat it. The complete ramen recipe takes up 17 pages of the 303 page book. Looks like these aren’t going to be “instant noodles.” I think a little planning is in order.

Ramen needs a total 6 recipes completed before you can put it together.

I need to buy: konbu, chicken legs, meaty pork bones, smoky bacon, green onions, regular onions, carrots, chicken bones, sake, mirin, light soy sauce, pork belly, and pork shoulder, bamboo shoots and fish cakes. T&T supermarket here I come!

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  1. I was just going to tackle the same recipe! I adore Momofuku and living on the West coast doesn’t allow for many trips the the lower east side. I’m crazy for his ramen and for most everything else on the menu however I find his cookbook rather daunting. I’ve been slowly and cautiously trying out some of the easier recipes, pickled cucumbers, miso with rice, & the chicken with egg for dinner tonight. Best of luck to you, please let us know how it works out!

  2. I just made this over christmas for my family. I made this with the roasted rice cakes (which I ended up making by smashing the shit out out of overcooked arborio rice) and the snow peas with radishes and horse radish. Also I quick pickled daikon and pink radish, with a lot more sugar than he calls for, then vinegar pickled the cucumbers. I julienned some carrot and cucumber, pickled them, and served them on top of the noodles for some color. It took me two days of preperation and I made a 7 page printout of the whole menu (I’ve got the e-book). If you want the printout I can send it to you. Just stumbled on the blog. Love it

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