Momofuku Noodle Bar 2007

I’m the researching type. The first time I went to NYC I spent some time researching where to eat, what to do, and where to go. I made massive lists.

We were only going to be in the city for 4 days and 3 nights, so the lists were only a guideline, of course. Between seeing all of the essential first-time sights, we ate at Morimoto, S’mac, The Spotted Pig, and some other unmemorable places. The days flew by in a romantic, random, excitement-filled flurry. Unfortunately, with all the excitement and flurrying, we never found time to visit Momofuku, even though it was on the list.

my hero: the very hungry caterpillar at FAO schwartz

On the day we were set to fly home, we didn’t. Long story short: our flight was delayed due to rain of the non-existent variety. They called it an atmospheric rainstorm. Any excuse to stay in NYC is a good one, though, so we stayed.

Fate had given us a second chance to eat at Momofuku. Thank you Noodle Gods! It must have been preordained for me to eat noodles on my birthday. (Yes, we were flying back on my birthday – it was the only flight that made sense at the time). Just like that, I got to spend my birthday in New York!

When the taxi dropped us off Momofuku wasn’t open yet. We had no hotel and still had our luggage with us. Luckily the atmospheric rainstorm still hadn’t hit. Priorities: noodles first, a safe place to sleep second.

We were the first two people seated and there was no sign of the famed lineups, but it got busy fast! As small as people said the original Noodle Bar was, it was still big enough to squeeze our carry-on luggage underneath the bar stools.

We ate the ramen and pork buns, of course! Chang’s food doesn’t need to be glorified here. If you’ve eaten it, you know it’s good, really good.

It was a perfect birthday bowl of ramen. I’ll always equate Momofuku with crazy, beyond-your-control random events that help you end up on the greener side of things. Atmospheric rainstorms, I love you!

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